Saturday, December 24, 2011

How to install VLC on MeeGo 1.2


So you’ve been using the wonderful little Linux Fedora based operating system called MeeGo. It’s compact, quick, easy accessible and pleasant-to-eyes interface makes one a bit addictive to it. By default it does not have many features that a full form Linux system would offer like Ubuntu. However being Linux it is capable of adding many more software to it through custom compilation and tricky stuff.

MeeGo’s original media player called Banshee is a player with a nice media library management. However it barely supports the globally used file formats. Sooner or later you need to switch to a player that is strong enough to play everything… VideoLan Player (VLC Player) !!

MeeGo recently launched the latest version 1.2. The first version (1.0) was based on the yum installer. Afterwards the MeeGo team switched to zypper. Installing VLC Player on MeeGo is bit different between version 1.0 and version 1.2. You must’ve searched through plenty websites and must be scratching your head by now on how to install VLC on your laptop. There are plenty different techniques, many of them are kind of obsolete now since the introduction of zypper and plenty changes in the core platform.

Cutting it short… here’s a quick way to install the latest version of VLC on your MeeGo based laptop:

1. Open your Terminal window from the System category.

2. First you need to update your repository. Repository contains the list of software that are available for installation on your operating system. Type the following in the Terminal window.

sudo zypper ar community && sudo zypper refresh

3. Also make sure you have the wget on your system.

sudo zypper install wget

4. Now you need to install codecs for the media players to use.

sudo zypper install ffmpeg faac faad2 gstreamer-ffmpeg gst-plugins-good

With the above code you’ve installed plenty codecs on your system. These are essential for VLC and other players that you might install on your system. It allows you to play a variety of media files, not previously playable.

5. Finally install VLC on your system.

sudo zypper install vlc

This should initiate downloading of approx. 20 MB or something.

NOTE: You might face some errors during installation of VLC that some dependency libraries are missing (e.g. libssh and libass). Not to worry about that. You’ll be given two options to either quit the installation, or ignore and continue. Always choose the second option to continue with the installation. The missing files will be downloaded and installed by itself.

UPDATE: Meego has released updates for its core files. Now if you try the above method of installing VLC you will find that although VLC installs but it doesn’t work. Hence after some experimentation I found that the above method only works for the freshly installed Meego version 1.2. If you install firmware updates from Meego it causes VLC to stop working. The reason for that is Meego updates some of the libraries that are used by VLC. Because of that VLC becomes incompatible for the latest updates by Meego. In order to make your VLC work on a fully updated Meego device you need to download the source code and compile it yourself. That’s a pretty advanced level thing to do on Linux. But there’s a great guide for that as well. Visit the VLC’s source code page to find out how to do it.

Hope this helps :-)


  1. Really fucking thx. :) I spent 3 hours on this and with ur tutorial solved in 3 minutes.

    I love U <3

  2. After many tries VLC actually installed after following your guide. But yet i cannot start VLC. Any ideas?

    1. Are you able to see the VLC icon in applications / media section? Or are you having trouble running the VLC.

    2. I am able to see VLC in the applications/media section, but it wont run.

    3. There shouldn't be any reason why it won't run. But as a recheck you should uninstall VLC and follow the above procedures again, just to ensure that you didn't miss anything.
      As a last resort you could look up to VLC's Support forum. I see they have explained some things about how to work with VLC when it won't run.

    4. Ok thanks i'll try that.

  3. same thing happened to me also. unable to run vlc player and xbmc. plz help asap.

    1. Seems like something happened when VLC upgraded its version. Let me do a further research on it, will get back to you soon.

  4. Many thanks Faraz... Its working :) As you said, the other forums were based on the yum installer. Thanks Again

  5. install mplayer:
    zypper install mplayer
    it works!